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    this is atlanta solo-musician jake cook aka trench party's twelfth album since 2007 and it's one glorious hell of an effort if you ask me! bright, charismatic piano nestled amongst cold synths and jazzy drums within the blueprints of pop...dire lyrics attempt earnestly but fail to obscure cathartic torrents of's illustrious, evocative soul music for the bullshit generation.

    Cover photo by Noah Orisich




recorded in my basement-bedroom in lilburn, georgia from january to march 2011.

equipment used: a yamaha keyboard, a USB audio interface, a laptop with windows xp, a microphone, a guitar cable, adobe audition, acoustica beatcraft


released April 1, 2011

jake cook - everything
noah orisich - album cover photo
ben wills - birthday boy




Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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Track Name: Vacation
it's an instrumental
Track Name: You Are The Perfect Tool
their creativity reserve hasn’t run dry. they just figure, why bother writing a compelling product when you people buy whatever shit they spit out regardless of it’s pungent mediocrity? they’ve got a chokehold on your intellect because money is power. they’re counting on you falling for their ruse and you don’t disappoint them. you use art only to explore yourself. you seek only things you can ignore to keep hearing your own thoughts. you cannot respect the craft and therefore you have no taste for it. you are the reason our culture sucks so much. they seek to endumben us to keep shucking their products without relent or protest. they know what you’re thinking because you’ve proven them time and again to be correct. you are the perfect tool, the perfect fool.
Track Name: Fell Into An Abyss
if I embrace my indifference for the outcome I survive. arrogantly matching life’s coldness is the only way to thrive. life can’t tempt me with its fallible indulgences. I’m apathetic towards existence and your love will never change that. I have never felt anything for anything at all. I don’t understand what people mean when they speak of pain and pleasure. everything’s a trifle; you won’t make me concede. I don’t care for life or death and your love with never change that.
Track Name: Our Gracious Leader
this is an offering of praise to our gracious leader. mighty admiral who moves the sun, we’re indebted to you. we are moved to tears just by the sight of your gracious honor. let us be the ground upon which you tread your powerful imminence and your gracious mercy.
Track Name: Decrepit, Irrelevant
on your way out, could you close the door? this world is not for you. just tell me what you’re fighting it for, you’ve wasted your youth and now you’re decrepit; irrelevant to the future. you lost it for good; it can’t be repaired or sutured. your kind is dropping like so many flies. your way is obsolete. the accomplishments of your generation are no longer feats, so step aside now. relinquish the world to the ignorant. your time is over. we’ll take it from here. just be indigent. let the sweet breath of sleep enter your tired lungs.
Track Name: Sleep Terror
trust yourself? you can’t trust yourself when biology occurs and your fight-or-flight instinct is perturbed. when a bump in the night causes you to wake up screaming with your hands around the throat of the love of your life, you’ll know I’m right. you can’t even leave yourself unattended for a mere forty winks, for the primate in your brain has got itself a testy violent streak. you can’t even not question reality; that ache of doubt is yours. what if you awake to find your life is over?
Track Name: Baby That's A Fact
baby, dim the lights a little bit. get yourself relaxed. tonight it’s just you and me, the rest of the world will be behind my back. I’ve been loving you so very long. I never needed slack because close to you is where I will always want to be, baby, that’s a fact. let’s fall in to our bed together and get something started right now. don’t you tell me to stop loving you because, girl, I just don’t know how. you know there ain’t no other lover that could satiate my needs. I know we can make it through the darkest of times, baby, you and me. there is nothing wrong with me loving you, as the lyrics go, and if there’s ever any doubt of what I think about you, girl, I’ll let you know. outside of this door it is bitterly cold but we’ve got eachother to have and to hold.
Track Name: Do The Nuclear Bomb
you people are glorifying mediocrity by following fleeting trends. you may not know it, but you are endangering our liberty by willingly giving up your individuality and submitting to a mass standardization, you empower our oppressors. you will never escape the sword of retribution for your simplemindedness. the revolution is not televisible. you are consumed by the fight, but, in a furnished house, how do you sleep at night?