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after a protracted hiatus, indie pop wunderkind Jake Cook returns to the laptop with 8 more songs about pain and anguish.
only this's personal.

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released August 26, 2013

all songs written and recorded by jake cook




Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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Track Name: It's Never Too Late
my old and dearest friend, i've forsaken you. i've tread the path of hope for too long. i shrugged you off in vein, but i need your love. spoon shaking in my hand, i can hear your song. as long you breathe, it's never too late for a reunion. you fall on your back and i'll be your bed. take a load off. through all my ups and downs, you've been kind to me. piercing through the darkest night, your sweet melody.
Track Name: 'Drevius
seething. crawling out of my skin. evenings stretched regrettably thin. beer. overlook my missteps please dear. i'll return when i get to be like water on ancient creeks, devoid of all obstructions and flowing free. bright lights draped in fabrics opaque. how might i discern my mistakes? still life of a slow browning peach, still ripe. i'll be back when i reach an understanding within myself. i'll build up my esteem for the commonwealth. take a second look, i'm imploring you. i'll wake to the alarms i've been snoring to.
Track Name: Repair Man Man Man Man
how can you kill me? i'm already dead. just look in my eyes, sunk in so deeply in my former head, from which i once cried. i'm a fragment of my former self, left to decay in the soil. drained of passion, strength and moral health with no motivation to toil. i'm so exhausted from feeling so sickly. tonight you will be the one to come over and fix me. you were so careful. i couldn't care less when i'm feeling absent and wrong. approximations of self-awareness is how i will string you along. you'll be objectified with my dysfunction. i'll make you bend to my whim. i'll occupy you with my anguish so i can feel empty within. bring your tool chest and the instruments i like. when you're finished, open it up and simply climb inside and spend the night by my bedside.
Track Name: Searching
i've been searching for my baby. i've been looking low and high. i'd do anything to hold her by my side. i've been thinking on you lately. where'd you have to go and hide? if i could do it all over i'd have swallowed all my pride. cool grass in spring time and fingers through hair. the squeeze of your hand let me know you were still there. i wasn't prepared so i'll just keep on searching for my baby.
Track Name: Gentrify Edgewood
she's making herself up to dance and drink the whole night away. she thinks she could throw up. she's thinking of calling in sick today. she tosses the make up. i think that means she made up her mind. she's not going out, she's got a fever for the night. she's sick of the headache. she's sick of the entire charade. she just needs some down time to lay around, drink some tea and recuperate. she's fine on her lonesome, at least every once in a while. she's not going out; she's got a fever for the night but don't worry everything's alright. she just needs some time to think about life. she's got a fever for the night
Track Name: Go To Hell
crimson clouds engulf the night. earth is shrouded in dense fog. black blood rains down from the sky setting blazes in your heart. you are deep inside the storm so you cry out to your god but every tortured plea for death is lost on the freezing wind. screaming demons eviscerate your mind and ravage your soul. your cadaver is shredded to bloody rivets. for eternity you will serve Lucifer: fallen angel, king of sorrow. all your worst fears will be real until the end of time.
Track Name: Instant Trench Party
used to spend all my time thinking about a self-realization to bring about but the thoughts pushed my mind to think brink and now i've got nothing to sing about. where's the care-free kid i used to blame for squandered potential that birthed a nagging shame? i fought him with drugs until he went away but a care-less adult simply took his place. i was fearful of the light so i stayed in the darkness most of the time until my eyes could not adjust to the concept of hope or redemption or love and the switch is now broken.
Track Name: You Wanna Do This Thing?
sifting through decades, desperate for truth…coming up empty. solemn reflection was stealing my youth until you meet me and showed me the secret. cynical boredom, ironic jokes. struggling identity. almost lost touch completely from lack of hope until you sat next to me and now my context is restored and i want to tell you it's because of you and of this i am sure and i don't need to sift anymore. so could you do me this honor and be my everything until the sun sets on our lives? pain and confusion, love and redemption with me humbly by your side. i'm through spooning with hate and relentless fear of fate and i want to succumb to you.