by Trench Party

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    the first installment of The Dahlonega Trilogy and a fan-favorite! acoustic indie rock with a tendency for bleakness. an excellent release, truly exceptional, etc




released June 1, 2010




Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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Track Name: you call us god
We are the anchor to which you’re tethered. We are the men in the darkish suits controlling destiny from secret places, like underground or Geneva. We carry banners for your deception. You call us “god”. Call us “government”. Call us what you will, because you will. We utilize instruments of violence to obtain power domestically. By the land! By the sea!
Track Name: darwin and me
There’s a war going on in my head. Reptile brain is asserting control of my thoughts and my bloodlust has returned sevenfold. My instinct is survival at anyone’s cost. So I’m smashing your face into walls, rubbing dirt and debris into your nose and eyes. All I hear are the sounds of lush wilderness. I’m embracing the caveman, my fury is blind. My apologies to those which call you father or son. Now is your time of reckoning. My emotions seem to be abstract and superfluous at this moment of my victory. Evolution has gotten me zilch, at least that’s the thought which occurs when I brutalize you. There are billions of years of genealogical triumph in the velocity of this fist coming through.
Track Name: a thousand downers
The demons in my brain kept me awake in my cell at an ungodly hour of the night. I’m so exhausted in this courtroom now I’m very nearly closing both my eyes. I try to focus on the words of the prosecution as they deliberate my life, so as not to appear irreverent to the jury seated to my right. I can feel their hateful spite. They know I killed a man. The press are here to witness me nodding off with my chin in my palm like a dick. I want to tell them I respect the judicial system, I just under-slept, I’m not sick. If it means my freedom back, I’ll gladly feign interest as attorneys argue semantics, if not for every fiber of my physical being being forced to recognize the fact that I need some shut eye quick. The jury returns with their verdict: they say I killed a man. His blood’s on my hands. I’m bound for the can. Oh my fucking god!
Track Name: I go POP
A stagnant economy of unparalleled recession has driven me to commercializing myself to meet bottom lines and it feels so good I’m crying tears of joy. A torrent of mediocre lyrics and melodies have infiltrated my once discriminating faculties of creativity. I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank! HA HA HA. I’ll see your notions of integrity and raise you my desire to survive. Can all the gumption. Assumptions of the intellect of listeners will leave you broke and forgotten. A toast to creators staying true to themselves. They dwell in a self-righteous, self-inflicted hell with an easy fix. Just write a pop song and shut the fuck up.
Track Name: can't suture the future
We finally completely depleted our fresh water. From coast to coast the ocean is toxic with our sludge. Now the soil is useless; no vegetation will thrive. The sky is muddy with poisons screaming to escape our atmosphere. The populace is choked with fear for the fate of humanity. Bolt up your doors now. Seal all your windows tight. Earth will have her vengeance tonight. Your faith in your children to amend the mess we’ve made is gone because we’ve not a future. Our decadence finally caught up with us. We created gods to give us the planet and say unto us we could do as we please. Never for once did we admit our complicity in the bringing of our own demise. Fire is raining from the skies. Let’s rejoice in her victory.
Track Name: please brutality pt. II
Police have turned me into a nervous wreck. Now when I’m driving, I’m shaking, staring into my rearview mirror anticipating red and blue lights flashing, with sirens terrorizing me. when we were 18 they pulled us over under suspicion of drug solicitation. They searched the car while we stood with folded arms wondering what became of the rights ensured to us. That’s when I realized they can do whatever they want. That previous fall I was riding my bike to work when someone struck me with their ford f150. I still can’t remember quite how it happened but when I awoke in a hospital with a split head the cop had written me a warning for “improper lane change”. Now I am 19 and feeling marked for death cause now I’m driving and weeping, staring into my rearview mirror. They’ve found me once again. But this time I’ve decided no one is getting out alive.