by Trench Party

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    Recorded using minimal equipment in the kitchen of his apartment in Dahlonega, this EP engages listeners effectively by satiating the universal musical palette, utilizing clean electric guitar and somber vocals paired with intellectual lyrical musings on life and death to create a pleasant, mellow sonic experience.




my worst reviewed album to date, but it's also a fan favorite? okay I made that up. some people like it though...


released November 1, 2010




Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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Track Name: trench party is a cult classic!
I start a movement by applying what I know about how minds work an appealing to the sensibilities of people; I make them feel they relate to me by repeating facts they cannot repute. You’re feeling hopeless. You’re feeling desperate. You feel as though the answers you seek can’t be found at church. Not only do I sympathize, I am privy to the ultimate truth. I make a living by teaching the children to be at one with the evil forces that wish to do them in. I delight in their misery because it translates to nickels and dimes for me. The path to bleakness is often obscured by society’s superfluous focus on individualism and with my art I seek to shatter that prism. Life is awareness of the light at the end of a tunnel. Death is the only way to enter into that kingdom’s clarity. Only the brutal withstand existence, yet god favors the meek. What does that tell you about god?
Track Name: in my country there is problem
they are coming here in droves to gorge themselves with no regard for preservation of our health. They look upon our sacred culture and observe only something to exploit for their own needs. Contribution to the civilization our rulers worked so hard to design for us is the farthest thing from their foreign minds. We must eradicate them while we have time. Why should we let their kind brazenly threaten our way of life with their decadence? They’re regressive to the progress we have made and they will not be abided peacefully. If I have to take them all out alone, I will gladly get my gun and go on patrol to save our souls.
Track Name: may I have this dance?
The day is finally ending for me. My eyes have seen the setting sun. there is a calm unlike any before overtaking my physical self. Through all the trials and pressures of mortality, you were always blanketing me with the comfort and warmth and reassurance of your inevitability. Oh death, may I dance with you? Oh death, save the last dance for me. The peace I sought through righteous acts in life will soon be rewarded to me through death.
Track Name: sour (Bracket cover)
just look up the lyrics on google idiot
Track Name: oh god...
Oh god above, thank you for bestowing me with the power of capacity to think and love but I had some concerns, please indulge me: If my physical self is made to violate and rape, why does compassion seem innate? Can I embrace that I’m a killer’s progeny and be sane or will the pain just build and build until I’m forced to relinquish my pride or die? I feel like I feel like feeling is the biggest problem and though I contend it isn’t present, it builds.
Track Name: CAPS LOCK: for emphasis
I am alive and respirating! I will claim what I need to enjoy what I want to enjoy. I have no heed for the likes of you and your attention. I have the right to justify my behavior and love myself. Keeping a close watch on numero uno and loving every motherfucking second of it. I will never again feel pangs of guilt for the privilege I have earned, because I earned it. Yeah! Standing on a street corner, cash in hand. If you took it, it would have to be by force and if you do and make a run and I locate you I’ll exterminate you because I am alive!