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    so I was thinking about how NOFX used to like put out those eps before they dropped an album that had songs from the album and a few new songs and I was thnking that that was really fuckin smart and a good way to get people hyped for the full length so this shit has 3 songs from DECADENCE and three new songs including a cover of a song by my boy alex aka archaeology. the bomb!!!




released December 1, 2010



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Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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Track Name: get a move on, ya jerk
I’m working on recovering that place I existed free of guilt and indignant pride again. I know it’s somewhere between passive observation and maniacally depriving myself. This shit just gets too easy; keeping my comfort in check is like a game of wits. It’s hard not to see the extremes as tantalizing. “It’s depression or excess! Moderation is death!” I gotta learn to fucking take it sloooow. I’m telling myself that I’m a good guy; I shouldn’t be discouraged by my own proclivity toward enjoyment. Just because I’m not struggling doesn’t mean I have to ritualistically lash myself like an Opus Dei. I’ll focus on my breathing and say in my head once again, “I’m doing all that I can” and regardless of whether or not that’s good enough, there’s no time to self-analyze or wallow in regret. I’ve got work to do and I better get a move on soon.
Track Name: tv not fuzz
Every action has a positive response. Perpetual motion is the key. Forward movement is the only movement there is. Going is the only thing to keep. I know you often feel burdened with your troubles. You must banish painful thoughts. Find your niche and take it just as slow as you want, but see it to its fruition, cuz when the weather obstructs the satellite waves that make your TV not fuzz…
Track Name: summer bummer
Summer is here and winter is leaving again and I feel so exhausted watching nature bloom to life. Overbearing mother sun nurturing the planet back to health is enough to turn me into a recluse. The vibrancy of outside beckons…I’m immersed in my studies to keep the light from fracturing my faculties. The buzz and churn of happy people lost in their thoughts of brightness reclaiming its world. It is summer and it’s returned! Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
Track Name: my heroes have always been cowboys too
Silently rotting is a mountainous heap of declined calls for mercy. I murder and eviscerate with impunity. I kill at any inclination, indiscriminately. A defective mindset and a malfunctioning capacity for compassion and a dull but ever-smoldering fury all cause me to harm without remorse. Why did they have to steal away with my innocence and hopefulness? They transformed my mother’s baby boy into a heartless, life-taking monster. The bodies will stack up until I’m alive but I know the truth is I died when I cried for solace from grief and malaise and the world turned it’s uncaring back.
Track Name: tiger-filled balloons (archaeology cover)
This is a cover of a song by Archaeology from the excellent Nutrition album on Terminal Detour. You can download it for free here: http://www.archive.org/details/nutritionByArchaeology
Track Name: the human husk
Today I met a man I hadn’t seen in many ages. He’s been concerned with work and little else. His tree of opportunity now crushed to tiny splinters because he chose to sacrifice himself. They offered him a life of security and bliss and in turn he gave them all of who he was. This is not the man I knew; his eyes and smile are vacant. He stands before me, The Human Husk.