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the best trench party album ever.


released January 1, 2011

jake cook did everything.



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Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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Track Name: stoked on the apocalypse
what would you do if we finally came to realize what's been done to us? you never solicited our consent to mar the world with advertisements. why should we never have a say in destiny for our own sake? we reject your false debates and demand a look at who that is behind the curtain. when the whimper comes it'll wear the mask of a bureaucrat with bills to pay. the authority it wields will be intoxicating; its compassion will be impaired. it will live the rules. it will love the rules. it will be a blind enforcer and it will not put a moment's thought to the fact that it is there. fuck yeah, here comes the end of the world!
Track Name: spare the rod and spoil me
my head is filled with images of war crimes and dastardly deeds I feel compelled to do. make me lick the floor. I need total degradation if I'm not yet to shuffle from this mortal coil. expunge me of my transgressions with violence. treat me like the shit I know I must be. ash your cigarette into my open mouth. I am here to be your property. I'm locked inside a cage of my own making, made to eat scraps from a dog bowl on the floor. my head is filled with calmness and serenity. it's such a relief to be bleeding from the knees.
Track Name: tv not fuzz
every action has a positive response. perpetual motion is the key. forward movement is the only movement there is. going is the only thing to keep. I know you often feel burdened with your troubles. you must banish painful thoughts. find your niche and take it just as slow as you want but see it to its fruition. cuz when the weather obstructs the satellite waves that make your TV not fuzz...
Track Name: sometimes homeless people piss me off
how am I supposed to reconcile my sympathy for the meek and mild with the rage I feel for you people everyday? you couldn't be worse; you're self-righteous jerks who think you're entitled and deserving to anything on my physical person I could bear to spare. maybe I'd like to choose not to spend my time cavorting with a stranger...why should I be terrorized? you are not the god of me, I will not do as you say and quit trying to sell me pilfered compact discs. I know it was you that ripped me off and I can't prove it but you're going down, you motherfucker. you took my heart. I won't let you take one more fucking second of my time.
Track Name: there's a hole in the roof! that can never be patched!
you certainly have time to get a job. don't kid yourself. you haven't earned the pleasure of the leisure you enjoy. your mental energy afforded to hatching mindful schemes would better be accorded to laying rest to mindless dreams before they kill you because ambitions handicap your bottom line. if we could only lose ourselves in following the light...but it is the way it is do not try to start a fight tonight. you certainly have time to get it right. don't kid yourself.
Track Name: camel vs. needle's eye
you can't just use my words to acquire power. you can't just use my words to make your life better. you can't just use my words because you're out of options. you can only use my words because you know you should. you can only use my words for good. there is a special place in hell for those who profit from the gospel. there is an everlasting flame that they claim they do feel...there is an everlasting flame for the least righteous among you. I am the word, I am the way and my judgment shall be real.
Track Name: the dander of thieves
she feels the pain of every living creature. she has the instincts of a caring matron but she becomes not unlike blocks of wood when I am inclined to show affection to her. she's given up on my domestication...instead she collects beasts and now our home is filled with the dander of thieves. she treats them like they were a brilliant concept while I am regarded as a giant mistake. I hear their cries to be attended to and loved and all of my logical fibers ache. they've robbed me of my peace and they horde my lover's romance and everyday I hate these animals more with myself so when she's not around they transform into punching bags. it relieves me of my hurtful stress and informs them they're the cause of my torturous existence. holy god! let me be a mutt! let me eat my shit! let me have no cares!
Track Name: overtaken!
esteemed constituents and friends, I'd like to welcome you tonight to what will prove to be a crucial summit for our party. we know we have the plan to build a better tomorrow but, to put it bluntly, in recent months our relevance has been circling the drain. in order to preserve the tradition of our reigning power, we must envision ways to build a brighter future for our interests...and I am certain there is not a one of you happy with the current executive administration of the land. never once again will we remain passive as our nation is overtaken with culture-warring idealogues bent on the destruction of all sanctity in the world. if you are here prepared to lose your body for this noble cause, you've got the right idea and god bless your conviction. "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots", and that time is tonight! if we've a hope at all, we've got to rise against! ensuring normalcy is now our best defense against the moral outrages of modern times! we've got to harness our respect reaches and storm all the beaches of liberalism! smash, plunder, denounce them! let the streets run crimson!
Track Name: summer bummer
summer is here and winter is leaving again and I feel so exhausted watching nature bloom to life. overbearing mother sun nurturing the planet is enough to turn me into a recluse. the vibrancy of outside beckons. I'm immersed in my studies to keep the light from fracturing my faculties. the buzz and churn of happy people lost in their thoughts of brightness reclaiming it's is summer and it's returned.
Track Name: mind on the parmesan
the deed is finished but pride will not diminish. the afterglow is spoiling me. the mission to misinform the population was as successful as it could be. the bounty of scrilla is frosting to the proverbial cake but the exhaltation mostly comes because we have inspired to hate. we've made them into partisans, fueling the fire of a timeless, mindless quarrel regarding which is the truest of the lies we've communicated. in the wreckage of society, we'll build anew. our interests will be primary to all but few who will be sought out and eradicated. the time has never been more nigh to claim their thoughts. there won't be retribution because we've made them unaware of the cost of willful ignorance. look out the window of the building of the newsroom...they're warring down on the street! the conflict we have created is unending because they've been trained to never concede. they all believe the purpose behind their violence is to ensure the future for kids and when those children grow past the age of silence they'll put their dukes up and do the same. they're happy to by sycophants with no opinions, playing patriots with brains that make decisions. we've got them convinced they work for themselves.
Track Name: illuminated funnyman
I illuminate that thing of yours: that little preoccupation. that thing you silently ignore, I make a joke at its expense until you're laughing heartily which brings me my life's greatest joy especially if I've relieved a thing that once made you annoyed because there's plenty to cry about. I must provide you with escape. I am the funny man at large, illuminated on a stage.
Track Name: no rest for the wicked (awesome)
a state of lapsed consciousness is lapsed opportunity. a waste of precious hours I'd rather spend improving me. a body at rest is worth as little as it does. exhaustion, please take flight and leave me here to work peacefully. what's the fucking use of this annoying burden of infatuation my body has acquired for sleep? waste not time, need not rest. what a bore! what great stress to have such equipment that periodically requires dormancy.
Track Name: sad gay dude
what the fuck is wrong with my brain? lord, why'd you drop this heavy confusion on my shoulders? what did I do? I thought I was good. I listened in church. I followed your orders, so what's with my heart? why does it well with affection for the seemingly unnatural? could this be love or am I insane? what the fuck is wrong with my brain?
Track Name: boundless options
boundless options, be mine and please make haste. my time is precious. I've not a second of life to waste. I deserve everything at my fingertips immediately. I'd wish you a good day but my days are just for me. glancing at my wristwatch, twiddling thumbs. frustration beckons and I succumb. I'm in love with anxiety, my favorite operating mode. it lets me know the speed at which I'm granted things I'm owed. strangling time, I love you to death! I'm so into you, you're taking my breath! enjoy the world just overloads me! I'm not infinite...give me mortality! remind me that life is just a slooooow death.
Track Name: the death of trench party
I am driving and elated cause my joy is reemerged. murky waters did obscure it once but its buoyancy can not be stirred. I am remarkably undeterred. I am on the way to meet success, wherever it may be tonight. I am swaddled in my formal best for a date with my own life. everything is feeling right! why waste my time wallowing in anything that doesn't make me feel alive? I'm here tonight, astounded by the fact that as of yet I haven't died...because it happened to many friends of mine. I have the learned that there's a reason patience is called a virtue, because thoughts are often draining and it's only precious few who can think and feel renewed.
Track Name: my hands are killing me (edgewood version)
I'm in a very bad mood. don't tell me to calm down. my anger is nothing if not correct and if you could get a hit of this righteous indignation you'd show me a lot more respect. my opinion that my ill feelings are real is the reason I want to hurt you now and if you could understand the truth in my rage my behavior would be allowed to be nurtured rather than invalidated. all of you people are after me! I'm in a really tight spot, the thought that all things are crumbling around me just can't be shook. I'm aware of the malice all of you bring, I can see it in your knowing looks. well if it's war that you want then war you will get! I am ready to take on each of you for thinking you are superior and for denying I'm only extolling THE TRUTH. this reality is my own. I am in this all alone and I'm sick to death of you holograms acting like you have the right to call my consciousness your home.
I give no fuck. I take no crap. don't cross the line with me, you don't know me like that. I tell you what: I take no flack. don't think for any second you won't get a smack. at any golden opportunity I will shove you violently into your place. you all want to make a fool of me. I'm not a jester, I'm the king!!! and I rule everything!!!!!!! I was in my classroom, teaching another wiseguy. he spit, through broken teeth and blood, a plea for my mercy. he must have not heard about me.
Track Name: my heroes have always been cowboys too
silently rotting is a mountainous heap of declined called for mercy. I murder and eviscerate with impunity. I kill at any inclination, indiscriminately. a defective mindset and a malfunctioning capacity for compassion and a dull but ever-smoldering fury all cause me to harm without remorse. why did they have to steal away with my innocence and hopefulness? they transformed mother's baby boy into a heartless, life-taking monster. the bodies will stack up until I'm alive but I know the truth is I died when I cried for solace from grief and malaise and the world showed its uncaring back.
Track Name: here is the love!
what's the difference between you and me? we're both impassioned even though we disagree. let's not blow this potential great kinship on something so silly. though we have had much different walks of life, there's not a reason that we can't be allies. if we can't just talk this over, what is our intelligence worth? there are people with power who would much rather see us divided but I'm gonna give you the love whether you want it or not and I won't hide it..because you are my brother! I am your brother! let's not be sour and squabble with each other, brother. it may be stupid, it may be crazy but here is the love! you don't have to pay me.
Track Name: problemo
all was going well but you had to do it again. quit compromising your quest with your compulsions. you should be ashamed! you've never done a thing right! this is the mother of all fuck-ups and you are the only candidate for the blame. you hate the lame but you're the same. if you hear anything again for the rest of your life, let it be nothing but shrieks of revulsion from all the people you've ever loved which tear and claw at your viscera because you really fucked up royally this time. this will be the mistake that does you in.