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Jake Cook is glad to be back with this extremely short collection of miserable synth/indie pop anthems you can download/stream for free.

Every instrument on this album is synthetic. Every emotion is real.

"Take ten minutes and check out this micro-EP. I'm stoked on it. Merry Christmas." -Jake


released December 22, 2013

jake cook played everything.




Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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Track Name: angry boy
he shoves his hands into his pockets. he's standing up against the wall. he's making note of all the exits. the day is late and time is stalled. he's got a plan. he's got a notion to seek revenge for a life of scorn. he's bled a river; cried an ocean and now today a martyr is born. from a painful existence, he will burst forth like a catalyst for a new generation of outcasted renegades. there's people shopping with their children. there's familes buying christmas hens. he reaches deep inside his back pack, then
bang. shoot. kill. (oh god)
run. scream. flee. (save me)
bleed. pain. die. (goodbye)
Track Name: you heard me you prick
i'd like to go to your wake and shout obscenities at the preacherman. don't ever make the mistake of thinking i wouldn't end your worthless life. you speak to me like an asshole. you condescend and berate and i would relish your suffering.
you selfishly take your anger out on undeserving folks and i will piss on your grave, you vile sociopathic fuck.
how dare you try to infect me with your miserablism. i will ensure your destruction.
Track Name: death during wartime
they've got tanks and mortars and they're coming for us. let's hide in the thick brush and embrace while they kill us. now your skin is melting. death is surely creeping. together we're ending. i don't regret a damn thing.
Track Name: tiny lights (interlude)
tiny lives, tiny deaths, tiny lights overhead twinkle on all around the globe.
Track Name: x'mas alone
who am i but a cog? little man. lucky dog, to imbibe and cavort with the rich. i'm a sham. i'm ashamed. i'm without saving grace. i'm a fool. i'm a fraud. i'm a bitch.
but i'll be damned if i'm gonna spend another christmas alone. i'll be dead before i waste another long, lonely night at home. i've been waiting here for something good but life just leaves me coal/cold. happiness is just as temporary as the snow.
who are we? guinea pigs for a god whos a nihlist, trudging on, getting whipped 'til we croak. tiny lives, tiny deaths. tiny lights overhead twinkle on all around the globe.
Track Name: the taps
laid down my baton and my vest in the leaves and looked around and found i couldn't shake thoughts of impending doom. life now must go on for long-suffering-me but i don't have a reason not to go to sleep in the afternoon. adrenaline still drives the blood from my heart. i'm breathless and scared, but now i've been thrust into neutral colors and i can no longer bare the perils of life and its mundanity. how difficult to be in a place where everything's safe and warm.
i can walk to the store. i can walk down the street, but i can't traverse the path to accepting that this who i am and no worse.
so play me the taps and just put me to sleep cuz i just wasn't meant for life outside of the killing field.