the president we deserve

by Trench Party

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song about doom, pain, death, politics


all of our history brought us here
oceans of blood for a bucket of tears
the new jesus christ is smiling triumphantly
on a mountain of the skulls of his peers

cuz we were just resting for a spell
we couldn’t be bothered by the knell
we could have felled them, but we were complacent
and it’s just as well

cuz there’s a hole inside our hearts that only fame and money can fill
and we were sold a bill of goods that told us all our chances were nil
so we cried please, relieve us of the grief. cuz freedom is a pain in the knees

we used to shout with our fists held high
until we were far too exhausted to fight
our purpose was lost in a junkyard of empty
distractions and left unattended to die

we traded fake social degrees
while our ambitions were bleeding
the end of the world just came with a whimper
because it was easy

there’s a rain that’s going to fall and we just aren’t nearly equipped
cuz we mesmerized by wealth and the latest celebrity quips
and they said grand! it’s time to take the land. we’ve got em in the palm of our hands


released July 21, 2016
jake cook wrote, recorded, produced everything




Trench Party Atlanta

my name is jake and I play all the instruments in trench party. I record in my room and independently distribute all my albums for free.

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